4 Jan

The Power of Inside Listening by Soren Dreier

The quiet, dark world inside, pulsing with activity and the sound of the body keeping us alive, helps us befriend physical darkness.

It’s not so much what we fear, but our reaction to what’s going on – and it’s usually just an idea of what might go on ‘one-day’, but we start up the fear now.

So learn to flush-out fear itself by observing the fears and the felt fear-reaction without identifying with it.  To do this, have mindfulness in-place throughout the practise.

This means allowing fear to arise, so that we can observe it.  Then this can be done little by little and with whatever resources are needed to contain this method.
E.g. have loved ones nearby who know what you are doing, so they can give you quiet space, and they can comfort you if needed.  Or set an alarm clock for 5 or 10 minutes, and commit to ending the process after the set period as you get more confident.

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